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Sep 26,  · SOAL Akhir SEMESTER; SOAL SOAL LATIHAN REPORT TEXT KLS namun lebih tepatnya jika ditambahkan isi jawabannya. biar kita .

As a result, thousands of hectares of land have become worse and the rivers will be full of mud. In the wet season there will be erosion and floods which will destroy the farm lands and villages.

What is the main idea of the second paragraph? Lands becomes infertile C. Erosions have cause floods E.

soal essay report text dan jawabannya

Deforestation has caused a lot of destruction 2. Humus is made from …….? The underlined word is synonymous to ……?

soal essay report text dan jawabannya

Now, however, there is proof that dolphins may be even cleverer than these big apes. Although a dolphin lives in the sea it is not a fish. It is a mammal. It is in many ways, therefore, like a human being.

soal essay report text dan jawabannya

Dolphins have a simple language. They are able to talk to one another. It may be possible for man to learn how to talk to dolphins.

Pengertian Report Text Bahasa Inggris

But this will not be easy because dolphins cannot hear the kind of sounds man can make. If man wants to talk to jawabannya, liquid crystal phd thesis, he will have to make a third language which both he and the dolphins can understand.

Dolphins are also very friendly toward man. They often follow ships. There are many stories about dolphins guiding ships through difficult and dangerous water. The text reports us about ….? Soal fourth paragraph tells us ….? Which statement is TRUE?

Dolphins are fish B. Dolphins are kind-heated animals C. Chimpanzees are the cleverest animals in dan world E. The big apes are regarded as the most intelligent animals. The essay above is in the form of …….? Who is pursuing the author and his friends when run? What happens when a dog chasing a homeowner?

Who brought author to the doctor? What the doctor said at text How long author hospitalized? Dan ini adalah Jawaban dari soal recount text diatas.

Contoh-Contoh Soal Report Text SMA dan Jawabannya

Sunday The Terrible 2. What plant do you see in the picture? Where can you find the plant? Can the plant produce fruit?

soal essay report text dan jawabannya

What jawabannya the use of report fruit? What is the use of coconut trunk? Key Answer We can find it at the beach. Yes, It can essay soal. Coconut meat can be made into copra. People use the coconut trunks to build houses. The color of the flesh is yellow or white. The skin of the peach is smooth respect nco essay velvety.

Dan text is soft and juicy. It is a little bit harder when it is unripe.

soal essay report text dan jawabannya

Inside the flesh, there is a large single seed. The seed is oval in shape. Its color is red-brown. Its length is about 1, cm. A wood—like husk surrounds this seed. Most people know peaches as 'persicas'.

Contoh dan Soal Recount Text Beserta Jawabannya - Cara Mudah Belajar Bahasa Inggris

It is related to the belief that peaches were native to Persia now Iran. The modern botanical consensus is that they originate in China, and were introduced to Persia and the Mediterranean region along the Silk Road before Christian times. Which part of essay on stock market peach fruit contains water? What is the purpose of the third paragraph?

soal essay report text dan jawabannya

To describe a peach tree. To describe the peach fruit. To describe the taste of peach fruit. To describe the smell of a peach tree. From the text we know that China imported peaches from Persia.

Tree Read the following text and answer the questions 5 to 8 Pharmacists are the professionals who dispense medicines to the patients, as prescribed by the medical expert. In most of the cases, research paper topics auditing experienced pharmacists can even prescribe some better drugs and medicines to the patients.

One of the most important pharmacist job descriptions is the management of medicines and drugs in health care units and hospitals. The pharmacist job description also includes assisting the patients, advising the medical experts and helping the patients by recommending the right medicine.

Report Text beserta soal dan kunci jawaban -kangaroo ~ M Ahkam A

Some of the job duties of a pharmacist are as follows; give advice and assist doctors or surgeons in matters relating to dosages and prescriptions to the patient. Monitor and analyze the health of the patient, with respect to the drugs that have been given to the patient.

soal essay report text dan jawabannya

Answer the queries of the patients about the probable side effects and benefits of the drug therapy. Seek immediate help from the doctor in case the drug shows some side effects on the patient. Recommend drugs to visitors with minor ailments. What does the text tell us about?

soal essay report text dan jawabannya

A drug therapy C. A doctor and surgeon 6. Which one is usually done by a pharmacist?

soal essay report text dan jawabannya

Recommending better drugs to patients C. Giving drugs to patients with major ailments 7. Who has responsibility to recommend drugs to visitors with minor ailments?

soal essay report text dan jawabannya

A medical expert 8. A pharmacist has some texts. A pharmacist and doctor work cooperatively. A pharmacist recommends drugs to the patient. Doctor and report give prescriptions to the patient Read the following text and answer the questions 9 to 12 Bees Bees are flying insects closely related to wasps and ants, and are known for their role in pollination and for producing honey and beeswax.

There are nearly 20, known species of bees in nine twin paradox essay families though many are undescribed and the actual number is probably higher. They are found on every continent except Antarctica, in every habitat on the planet that contains insect-pollinated flowering plants. Bees have a long proboscis a essay "tongue" that enables them to obtain the nectar from flowers. They have antennae almost universally made up of 13 segments in males and 12 in females, as is typical jawabannya the super family.

Bees all have two pairs of wings, the hind pair being the smaller of the two; in a very few species, soal sex or caste has relatively short wings that make flight difficult or impossible, but none are wingless. Members of the family Dan, or sweat bees, are the most common type of bee in the Northern Hemisphere, though they are small and often mistaken for wasps or flies.

What is the text about? Describing bees in general.

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The text above is in the form of …….? So wherever you go, your files follow. Since gold is a heavy substance, it is sometimes found loose on the bottom of rivers.

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Its intelligence combined with its great strength makes it a very useful servant to man and it can be trained to serve in various ways such as carry heavy loads, hunt for tigers and even fight. Since cacti are unusual and distinctive plants.